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READING RECOVERY INSERVICE COURSE 2019 (for new Reading Recovery teachers)

Professional Learning dates and details to be advised following registration

The  Reading Recovery In-Service Course is facilitated across a full school year, with teachers attending two full days of professional learning at the beginning of the year, followed by fortnightly 2.5-hour sessions for the remainder of the year. In addition to attending these professional learning sessions, participants are required to teach individual students in Reading Recovery, on a daily basis, i.e. five days per week. 

In order for teachers to be registered as a Reading Recovery teacher at the completion of the Reading Recovery Inservice Course, in the first year, a minimum time allocation of 0.4 (two hours per day) is required for the Reading Recovery teacher-in-training.  This time allocation allows for teachers to teach four individual students, in Reading Recovery, on a daily basis.

An alternative training model is available for schools who wish to train a Reading Recovery teacher across a two-year period.  In this model, in the first year, the Reading Recovery teacher attends all sessions in the Reading Recovery Inservice Course and teaches a minimum of two individual students in Reading Recovery, on a daily basis.  In the second year, the Reading Recovery teacher attends a minimum of six Ongoing Professional Learning sessions, and continues to teach a minimum of two children in Reading Recovery. The Reading Recovery teacher is registered as a Reading Recovery teacher at the completion of the second year.

Participation in the  Reading Recovery In-Service Course  is open to teachers, selected to train as a Reading Recovery teacher, by their school. Selected teachers will be highly effective teachers with the capacity to provide strategic, differentiated teaching, to support identified students in Year 1 to get underway with reading and writing.

Further information - contact Helen Bettes, Education Officer (Reading Recovery), Email:

Number: 87/18 lp
Status: Already booked
Max. Participants: 150
Bookings: 5
Bookable: 145

Supporting graduate and early career teachers - 2 day professional learning presented by Dan Petro - Behaviour Analyst

Two day event
Day 1 is 28 February 2019 and
Day 2 is 4 April 2019
9.30 am to 3.00 pm each day

When registering you are registering for BOTH days.  Please ensure that your school is aware that it is a two day Professional Development and supports your attendance on BOTH days.

Aimed at: 
Graduates and their mentor/s, early career teachers (1,2 or 3 years' experience) and teachers returning to work.

You will be provided with evidence-based practices that will support you as educators.  Desirable outcomes include the expansion of teacher's behavioural repertoires beyond what are often described as tricks or tools.

Areas covered:

  • The art of giving directions
  • Data based decision making
  • Safely handling crisis situations
  • Emotional survival for educators
  • Understanding and using reinforcement
  • Strengthening relationships with students
  • Implementing effective problem prevention practices
  • Teaching social skills and other interactional procedures
  • Understanding behavioural functions related to interventions
  • Coordinating a behavioural approach within a strong framework
  • Responding correctly when students to the right and wrong thing

Contact: your Pastoral Wellbeing Education Officer or Frances Browne 
Ph: 0400 505 464


Number: 5/19rr:fbrowne
Status: Already booked
Begin: 2019-02-28, 09:30
End: 2019-04-04, 04:00
Closing date: 2019-02-25, 16:00
Location: The Carrington, 505 Wyndham Street Shepparton
Max. Participants: 70
Bookings: 57
Bookable: 13

Child Safe Standards - WD Review Briefings 2019

Who should attend?   Western Deanery Principals and School Leaders

Tuesday 5 March - 1pm at St Joseph's PS Rochester

Tuesday 26 March - 1pm at St Monica's PS Kangaroo Flat

All Western Deanery schools will be undertaking a VRQA review of their compliance with the Victorian Child Safe Standards.

To assist you in preparing for this we are holding a briefing in each Cluster for school leaders; we recommend that Principal’s and any relevant school leaders be in attendance.

Contact for questions about the Child Safe Standards Review Briefings:

Frances Browne, E:  M: 0400 515 464

Ashley Marsh, E:  M: 0409 912 501

Number: 23/19 lp
Status: Already booked
Closing date: 2019-03-01, 16:00
Max. Participants: 60
Bookings: 29
Bookable: 31

Festival of the Sacred Network Day - Western Deanery

Tuesday 2 April 2019

9:30am - 3:30pm

Bendigo CEO - De Campo Hall, 120 Hargreaves St

This professional learning day is designed to support Western Deanery teachers to participate in The Festival of the Sacred 2019. Each school is asked to send at least one representative though more are welcome. (see attached flyer)

Presenter: Kass McLeod, ASPA Education from the Australian School of Performing Arts

ASPA Education's dynamic instructors will introduce the content and resources for this year's Festival of the Sacred and present Performing Arts based activities and strategies for grade 5/6 students.

Enquiries: Claire Spinelli, CEO Education Officer - The Arts  mob. 0407 721 088



Number: 20/19 lp
Status: Already booked
Closing date: 2019-03-27, 16:00
Max. Participants: 40
Bookings: 13
Bookable: 27

(CEPD) Christian Education for Personal Development Day - PRIMARY

Session 1:  Church Teaching, e.g. Amoris Laetitia, Catechism, Scripture

Session 2: Understanding the Sandhurst CEPD Framework

Session 3: In the Classroom

Number: 38/19rr:lpethybridge
Status: Already booked
Begin: 2019-04-24, 09:15
End: 2019-04-24, 03:00
Closing date: 2019-04-03, 23:00
Location: Monsignor Peter Jeffrey Centre, 121 Knight Street Shepparton (behind St Brendan's Church)
Max. Participants: 80
Bookings: 5
Bookable: 75

Ministry of Catholic Schooling 2019


Part I - 29 April - 1 May 2019 (Shepparton)

Part II - 25-26 July 2019 (Shepparton)

This professional learning activity is for teachers seeking Accreditation to Teach in a Catholic School and for Chaplains, School Board Members and CEO personnel.

The course introduces and extends understandings of the Catholic faith and traditions. 

Completion of the whole program will give 28 hours towards Accreditation 1.6 - To Teach in a Catholic School.  This represents a good start, given that 50 hours are required in total.

Topics covered include: Introduction to Theology, Sacred Scripture, Christology, Faith, Moral Theology, Social Justice, Prayer, Church and Church History, Sacraments, Ministry, Liturgy and Spirituality.

Number: 26/19ji
Status: Already booked
Begin: 2019-04-29, 09:00
End: 2019-05-01, 15:00
Closing date: 2019-04-05, 16:00
Location: Monsignor Jeffrey Centre, Knight St, Shepparton
Max. Participants: 60
Bookings: 6
Bookable: 54



Introduction to Leadership Coaching using a Coaching Approach to Performance Conversations

Facilitator: Gray Ryan
Senior Consultant Growth Coaching International

DATE: Thursday 2nd May & Friday 3rd May 2019
VENUE: Quality Hotel Parklake, 481 Wyndham Street Shepparton

Please note this is a FULL TWO DAY Program and participants are required to attend both days

Number: 41/19ji
Status: Already booked
Begin: 2019-05-02, 09:00
End: 2019-05-03, 15:00
Closing date: 2019-04-05, 17:00
Location: Quality Hotel Parklake 481 Wyndham Street Shepparton
Max. Participants: 200
Bookings: 24
Bookable: 176

Justice Matters Camp 2019

15th Annual Diocesan Social Justice Camp

The Social Justice Camp is for Teachers and Years 9, 10 & 11 students throughout the Diocese.

Number: 45/19ji
Status: Already booked
Begin: 2019-05-06, 14:30
End: 2019-05-08, 13:30
Closing date: 2019-04-24, 16:00
Location: The Old Priory, Beechworth
Max. Participants: 150
Bookings: 0
Bookable: 150

Safe on Social Media - Professional Development Training 2019

Presenter: Kirra Pendergast, Director - Safe on Social Media

The Safe on Social Media cyber safety professional development training is the leading course of its kind in Australia and New Zealand.

The workshop provides knowledge and resources for Social Media security, privacy and risk management within schools.

The workshops are capped at approximately 100 people therefore registraton will initially be limited to 5 representatives from each school.  Please consider including school board members or parents.

Option 1 - Wangaratta - May 8, 9am-4pm (venue TBA)

Option 2 -  Shepparton May 9, 9am-4pm (venue TBA)

Option 3 - Bendigo May 10, 9am-4pm (venue TBA)

 Program includes:

  • The rise of social media
  • Legal responsibilities
  • Duty of care
  • Privacy
  • Digital footprints
  • Social media awareness
  • Cyberbullying
  • Identity theft
  • Student well-being
  • Managing your school’s reputation online
  • Online grooming
  • Social media guidelines
  • Social media Apps & MORE

Queries to Jenni Kennedy -

Lunch to be provided.

Number: 4/19rr:jkennedy
Status: Already booked
End: 2019-05-10, 04:00
Closing date: 2019-04-05, 16:00
Max. Participants: 300
Bookings: 57
Bookable: 243

Strengthening Our Skills To Benefit Our Students

Tuesday 21 May  -  9:30am-3:00pm

Venue: The Carrington, 505 Wyndham St Shepparton

Who to send: 

  • Target Group 1 - Anyone who works with students, e.g. school leaders, classroom teachers, learning support officers
  • Target Group 2 - Anyone who implements a Positive Behaviour Framework, e.g. Behaviour Framework Implementation Teams, Behaviour Support Teams

During this one-day workshop participants will be provided with evidence-based practices that focus on teaching as a means of promoting student academic and social development. See attached flyer for detailed Overview.

Presented by: DAN PETRO, Behaviour Analyst, and members of the CEO Sandhurst Pastoral Wellbeing Team

Who to contact if needed: Your Pastoral Wellbeing Education Officer or Frances Browne, Email:

Number: 25/19 lp
Status: Already booked
Closing date: 2019-05-14, 16:00
Max. Participants: 70
Bookings: 5
Bookable: 65