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KateF 4158Welcome to 2024. It is my great privilege to work alongside such dedicated adults and to lead in the important work of continuing to grow communities and learning opportunities that are stimulating, enriching, liberating, sacramental and nurturing for each and every child in our care.

Catholic Education Sandhurst Ltd is alive and at work in lifegiving ways. Our Boards undertake their corporate responsibilities with care and diligence, but so too they are profoundly interested in ensuring that we are a community of people who cherish our responsibility to Believe! Imagine! Serve! Together, with our brother, Jesus, we believe and know deeply that we are in the care of a loving God; through the inspiration of the Spirit, we imagine, constantly, courageously and with creativity that the experience of young people can and should be more than it is, and with the Creator, we place our expertise and efforts generously in the service of that mission.

In 2024 we celebrate the ‘Sesquicentenary’ (150 year anniversary) of our Diocese and the Jubilee of the Catholic Education Office. It is opportune that at a time such as this, our annual theme is ‘Behold, I make all things new!’ (Rev 21:1). This Scripture inspires us to look again for signs of God’s renewing and reenergising work in our lives, our ministries and the world more broadly. Our loving Creator is always weaving into the pattern of our days the invitation to grow and change into the best possible versions of ourselves. We are all ‘made new’ each day, as are our ministries. Let’s pray that each of us can find the head and heart space each day to deeply know that we are being made new, and also that we might have the courage to allow the Holy Spirit to shape us through every encounter and experience, to reach even greater levels of kindness, joy, forgiveness, peace and love.

Peace & blessings,

Kate Fogarty

Executive Director - Catholic Education Sandhurst 




Bendigo Office

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Tatura Office

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Tatura, 3616
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Wangaratta Office

29 Templeton St
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Wangaratta, 3677
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